Coastal Senior Cohousing

Coastal Senior Cohousing is a critical proposal, born out of a futurecasting exercise, for a digital real estate system that enables boomers and their millennial children in the U.S. to utilize properties in areas of the country that are vulnerable to rising sea levels for senior cohousing.

The Pitch:

The Futurecasting Research:

Additional Inspiration:


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Project Brief:

For this project you will be creating a future scenario involving interaction design in the year 2030.

You may choose to focus on:

  • A specific consumer product (i.e. a device)

  • A technology and its applications (i.e. augmented reality)

  • The relationship between humans and a system (i.e. public transit)

  • A service (i.e. a future coffee shop)

  • The IxD profession (i.e. how will interaction designers prototype in 2030?)

The methodologies we will use will include:

  • Causal Layer Analysis

  • Used Future Analysis

  • Emerging Issues Analysis

  • World-Building

You will deliver a presentation deck with your future scenario, analysis methods and supporting research, as well as design concepts in the form of mockups, animations, video or prototypes.